Jul 052012

The Clash City Rockers play tribute to the legendary band, The Clash along with the tribute band to The Smiths, The Smites. Tonight at Frank 9:30pm/10:30pm $6

The 90′s Cali-Rockers Everclear play a FREE in-store performance at Waterloo Records. 5pm

In the Clubs:

Cedar Street – Mark Mckinney and Matt Kimbrow 9pm

The Parish – Stumbledrunk, Ghostbunny, Toy Ghost and Human the Robot 8pm

Flamingo Cantina – Henry and the Invisibles 9pm

Hotel Vegas – Graham Wilkinson, The Harms and Chase Frank 7pm

At the Movies:

Paramount Summer Film Series Presents: Ferris Buellers Day Off (1986). The John Hughes classic starring Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Jennifer Grey and Mia Sara. A coming of age comedy about three high school teenagers that decide to ditch school for a day and experience a day in a life in the real world in downtown Chicago. Taking a prized 1961 Ferrarai 250 GT on the joyride and encountering many adventures along the way, leads to a shared reality of life. Most importantly: LEISURE RULES. Paramount Theater 6:45pm

-Stephanie Groves

Jun 272012

KGSR Free Concert series Blues on the Green continues tonight with Ben Kweller and Amy Cook. Bring your own food or you can buy from one of the many venders and feel free to bring chairs , blankets and non-alcoholic drinks. Leashed pets are ok too.Zilker Park – Blues on the Green. 7:30pm

In the Clubs:

ACL Moody Theater – Bonnie Raitt Taping with Mavis Staples 7pm

Cedar Street – Spazmatics 9:30p

The Highball – Black Red Black 10pm

Frank – Little Brave 9:30pm

Beerland – The Flying Buttresses 9pm

Triple Crown – The Penny Dreadfuls 9pm


At the Movies:

Tonight Weird Wednesday Presents a surprise title film. Lars from Alamo Drafthouse says “We’re going to rip the top of your head off this time with our extra special Weird Wednesday surprise title. It’s one of the three pillars of weirdness, one of the all-time great exploitation titles ever made. 100% not for children or the humorless. No refunds will be extended to anyone who drops dead from a brain hemorrhage or excessive laughing. You won’t believe it. And if you tell me you believe it I won’t believe you.” Couldn’t have said it better myself and since I trust his judgement, I say go for a little mystery and excitement tonight and you probably won’t be disappointed. Alamo Ritz 10pm.

-Stephanie Groves





Jun 252012


The Pennsylvania natives are ready to take on Austin for a Live taping tonight on Austin City Limits. 7pm ACL Moody Theater


In the clubs:

Continental Club – Marshall Hood, Dale Watson, Whiskey Sisters and Dana Wheeler 8pm

Antones - Blue Monday with Malford Milligan, Derek O’brien and Mike Cross 8pm

Cedar Street – Foxy Dangerous 7pm

The Sahara Lounge – Wampum Cats 8:30pm


At the movies:

Summer of 1982 continues with John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). Closely related to the 1952 classic The Thing from another world, featuring a different twist and clearly a movie way ahead of its time. Starring Kurt Russell, who is on expedition for scientific research with his crew the the Antarctic, unleash an alien life force who has the ability to embody human victims in freakishly ways. Humm strangely like Scientology.  Nonetheless, a jump out of  your chair, classic scary 80′s flick. Alamo Ritz 7pm

-Stephanie Groves


May 092012


The Three piece band of Little Brave encompasses the soft and sultry voice of Stephanie Briggs, summoning all the influences from Pop-Rock, Jazz to Tin Pan Alley tonight with Mobley. Mohawk 9pm.


Hot Club in Cowtown brings the hot Jazz and Western Swing to the Continental tonight (6:30pm) along with Barbara K, Trube, Farrell & Snizz (8:30pm), Jon Dee Graham(10pm) and James McMurtry (midnight).


Also in the Clubs:

Black Red Black at The Highball

Easy Tiger, No Future, Black Owl Society at The Hole in the Wall

Lambchop at The Cactus Cafe

The Spazmatics at Cedar Street


At the Movies:


Weird Wednesday presents the 1982 Action/Drama film Vice Squad. Hooking you from the beginning with the opening credit song “Neon Slime” sung by former soap star and film’s star, Wing Hauser, you’ll know your headed to the slimy streets of Hollywood hell. A film with prostitutes surviving the night and murderous pimps looking for their next pleasure kill, Vice Squad is nothing short of some 80′s pure sleazed out entertainment. 107 min. R. Alamo Ritz 11:50pm.


-Stephanie Groves