Jul 022012

The Americana bliss of Whiskey Shivers will be playing tonight at The Parish for the release of their third full-length, Rampa Head. The bluegrass and roots jam band will be stomping out the tunes fit for a Tennessee hillbilly hoedown. With Austin country-fied counterparts Hello Wheels and Them Duquaines. The Parish Doors 8pm/Starts 9pm.

In the Clubs:

Continental Club – Dale Watson and his Lone stars

One World Theater – Marshall Tucker Band

Mohawk – Freinds, Splash! and Mixed Use Media

Hole in the Wall – The Austin Steamers and John Evans


At the Movies:

Alamo Ritz presents Music Mondays with Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic (1979). For 38 years Willie Nelson has been promoting the Texas Music Scene with his annual Fourth of July Picnic at various locations around the lonestar state. The documentary was filmed at the first annual Fourth of July picnic in 1974 which included: Waylon Jennings, Wolfman Jack, a drunken Leon Russell and Texas music legend Ray Wylie Hubbard. This documentary follows Willie through his first picnic filled with topless women, drunken sing-alongs and all the rowdy shenanigans that brought national attention and made Willie Nelson a national Texas music icon. Alamo Ritz 10pm

-Stephanie Groves


Jun 262012

Dave Madden

Come out and join the Save Our Springs Alliance for Poolside Live! The first concert of the season on the shores of Barton Springs! Come bask in the moonlight and swim under the stars with the sweet, funkiness of Dave Madden. 8:30-9:45pm FREE swim starts after 9. Save Our Springs Alliance

In the clubs:

Lucky Lounge (Disco Dive) – Ryan Magnani and Mark Gibson 7pm

Antones – The Bruce and Kelly show with Bruce Robinson and Kelly Willis 7pm

The Parish – Lower Dens with No Joy and Alan Resnick 8pm

Continental Club – Will Sexton and Ephraim Owens Experience 8pm

At the Movies:

Summer Film Classics at The Paramount presents: Cabaret (1972). Starring Liza Minnelli as a girlie club showgirl in  Weimer-Republic Berlin, who romances two men during the Nazi Era. Awesome Choreography with lavish showgirl costumes, a perfect era timepiece. May not be for the musical faint-of-heart, but this was Liza’s heyday and she nailed it. Life is a Cabaret, ol’chum! Paramount Theater 6:30pm.

-Stephanie Groves


Jun 252012


The Pennsylvania natives are ready to take on Austin for a Live taping tonight on Austin City Limits. 7pm ACL Moody Theater


In the clubs:

Continental Club – Marshall Hood, Dale Watson, Whiskey Sisters and Dana Wheeler 8pm

Antones - Blue Monday with Malford Milligan, Derek O’brien and Mike Cross 8pm

Cedar Street – Foxy Dangerous 7pm

The Sahara Lounge – Wampum Cats 8:30pm


At the movies:

Summer of 1982 continues with John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). Closely related to the 1952 classic The Thing from another world, featuring a different twist and clearly a movie way ahead of its time. Starring Kurt Russell, who is on expedition for scientific research with his crew the the Antarctic, unleash an alien life force who has the ability to embody human victims in freakishly ways. Humm strangely like Scientology.  Nonetheless, a jump out of  your chair, classic scary 80′s flick. Alamo Ritz 7pm

-Stephanie Groves


Jun 182012

Austin Starlets, Teal Collins (The Mother Truckers) and Barbara Nesbitt (Tim Flannery and The Lunatic Fringe), have teamed up together with an impressive array of established musicians: Etan Sekons (The Rankin Twins), Lonnie Trevino, Jr. (The SA Moonlighters), Phil Bass (Monte Montgomery), and Michael Davids (Cari Hutson). All Joining together to make the wonderful melody of The Whiskey Sisters. With Hot Club of Cowtown, Marshall Hood Band and Roger Wallace. Tonight at The Continental Club. No Cover all Night! 6pm

Also in the Clubs:

The Highball – West Coast Swing Class Again! 8pm

The Cactus Cafe – The Carper Family 8pm

Threadgills – Bonnie Bishop 8pm


At the Movies:


The Sci-Fi head trip of Canadian director Panos Cosmato’s Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) is featured in Monday’s Alamo Drafthouse Fantastic Fest. A story of a woman who lives between four stark white walls with a single window, who is the science experiment of a sinister scientist. Held captive and constantly awaiting the next meeting with the scientist, she breaks free of her confines and journeys through the darkness of the institute that enslaved her. Alamo Ritz 4pm

-Stephanie Groves

Jun 132012

Just as rich as the Blues that surrounds Austin’s history, The Black Owl Society is a Blues/Rock trio straight from the heart of Texas. Since their formation in the latter part of 2010, They have been diligently playing nightly gigs in the music capital and are currently working on their debut EP. Tonight  with King Biscuit and Cause and Effect at Antones 9pm

The FREE Blues on the Green concert series tonight features Old 97′s frontman and accomplished solo artist, Rhett Miller. Along with the Austin-made, good-vibed indie quartet, The Wheeler Brothers. Tonight 7:30 for more info visit KGSR.

Also in the Clubs:

Stubbs – Create a Monster and Blessing with a Curse 8pm

Mohawk – Southbound Drive with Gravy 9pm

Continental Club – John Dee Graham 10pm

Hole in the Wall – Penny Dreadfuls

Red Eyed Fly - Rye Child


At the Movies:

Bangarang! at The Alamo Drafthouse presents Time Cop (1994). Set in the future with the technological advancements of time travel, a government regulation must be formed using Timecops. Starring the heavy-accented, fly-kick to the face – Jean-Claude Van Damme. Alamo Ritz 7pm

-Stephanie Groves


Jun 122012


Since their development in mid-2000′s, The Cribs are taking on North America again. Their fifth album, In The Belly of the Brazen Bull is building steam and is ready to blow. They are back with a string of North American tour dates and slide into Austin tonight with The Golden Boys and Devin at The Parish. 8pm


Also in the Clubs:

End of Ear – The Young and John Wesley Coleman

Mohawk - Shivery Shakes and Bobby Jealousy 9pm

Spiderhouse – Josh Lightnin’ and Ben Pickett 10pm

Continental Club – Will Sexton and The Ephraim Owens Experience 8pm


At the Movies:

The Paramount Theater’s Summer Classic Film Series presents: The Coen Brothers 1987 classic, Raising Arizona.  Starring Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, Trey Wilson and John Goodman. Upon it’s release, it did not make it to blockbuster status, but since then has become a cult classic. Childless couple  H.I McDonnough (Nicolas Cage) and Edwina ‘Ed’ McDonnough’s (Holly Hunt) troubled path to “set things right” and the idiosyncratic dialogue throughout is a definite classic of shear comedic genius. Paramount Theater 9:15pm


Jun 062012

Experimental Indie band Xiu Xiu hits Mohawk tonight, blowing every ear drum with their syth-pop, electronic roller coaster ride. Mohawk 9pm

Austin’s own progressive-psychedelic band, The Boxing Lesson, will be at Hotel Vegas tonight kicking off their cross country NXNE tour for the most part of June. Check out the full tour line up here. Tonight at Hotel Vegas with Megafauna and Melogrand. 11pm


Also at the Clubs:

Continental Club – Hot Club in Cowtown with James McMurtry and John Dee Graham 6:30pm

Frank – Little Brave June residency with The Kinfolk and Milwaukee Talkee 9:30pm

Stubbs – Tyler Hilton with Dion Roy and John Dempsy 8pm

The Dirty Dog – The Mentors, Potty Mouth, Hipsterectomy 9pm


At the Movies:

Paramount Summer Film Classics Presents: The Naked Kiss. Starring Constance Towers, Anthony Eisley and Micheal Dante. This 1964 neo-noir film features a prostitute who is chased out of her city by her former pimp. She then lands in the small town of Grantville. Engaging with the town’s sheriff, who knows of her past, continues to try and run her out of town despite her reforming to become a nurse for handicap children. Summer Film Classic Series at Paramount Theater. 9:25pm






Jun 042012

David Liebe Hart Band from Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show (Adult Swim) will be performing his off-key eccentric, yet entertainingly comedic songs tonight at Mohawk. 9pm

Austin-based musician, Dale Watson, will be playing his usual residency at The Continental Club tonight, rocking out his country tunes and gracefully swinging his alternative style. Continental Club 10pm


Also in the Clubs:

Red 7 - Barcelona and Stukenberg 9pm

Cactus Cafe – New June residences The Carper Family 8pm

Saxon Pub – Jonathon Tyler and the Northern Lights 7pm

Beale Street Tavern – The Black Owl Society and The Sniffs 11pm


At the Movies:

The Summer of 1982 at The Alamo Ritz presents: Poltergeist. A tribute to the best summer ever for movies! Evil  paranormal activity and old mass graves make their way to a quiet suburban neighborhood,  attempting to communicate with a families youngest child through their television set. As the evil spirit tries to feed off the child’s life force, the family fights back. Alamo Ritz 9:50 pm

-Stephanie Groves



Jun 012012


Snow White and the Huntsman (PG-13) – The timely fairytale of Snow White is brought back to life with an even darker twist.

For Greater Glory (R) – A general assembles a band of rebels to fight in a Mexican civil war.

God Bless America (R) – A terminally ill man takes out his frustrations on reality.

Piranha in 3DD (R) – Yes, it’s attacking killer piranhas in 3DD! Look out!



One World Theater- War comes to Austin for some old school Cali-funk with a whole lot of soul. Get your tickets here. 7pm

Carousel Lounge – British improvisor John Butcher joins German Thomas Lehn on analog synthesizer for some sweet eclectic sound art. Get tickets here. 9pm

The Parish – Come for a night of some folkin’ experimental bliss with Maps and Atlases. 8pm

Emo’s East – Dubstep the night away with Dodge and Fuski at 9pm.

Continental Club – T-Bird and the Breaks will be hustlin’ up the tunes. Show starts at 8pm. It is also KP and the BOOM BOOM‘s CD Release Show!

Hotel Vegas – Chaos in Tejas reigns with New Bruises (who are pushing their new record Chock Full of Misery), Broken Gold, The Biters and Last Year’s Men. Starts at 10 PM.


ND/North Door – A full night with the Tony Jackson comedy tour at 8 PM ($20) and Chaos in Tejas presents:  Main Attrakionz with Fat Tony, Nick Woj, Children of the Night and Cities Aviv at 10 PM ($5).

Ruta Maya – The Layden Concert Series presents John Pointer, Ashley Sailer and Ryan Layden at 9 PM.

The Elephant Room – Hitch a ride with Butch Miles Jazz Express at 9:30 PM.

Lambert’s – Guitar-heavy, alt-country act Sons of Bill perform in support of their latest record, Sirens. Doors at 10 PM.


Z’Tejas (6th Street) - Jitterbug Vipers live it up starting at 6 PM.

Eddie V’s – A three-hour set by Kris Kimura starting at 7 PM. Kris will be playing at Eddie V’s every Sunday and Monday this month.

ND – Rockabilly comes a-callin’ with Pretty Things Peepshow. Starts at 8 PM.

May 292012


Tonight at Beerland, prepare yourself for the garage/punk mesh of The Blind Shake, Dikes of Holland, Gospel Truth and Spray Paint. The Blind Shake, known for their ferocious live shows and detuned noise rock, have played the countryside and have now reached Austin for a night of shear punk mayhem. Beerland 9pm

This is one of the reasons I love Austin. Free shows all the time at many a location around town and sometimes in the coolest little places. Being a huge fan of vinyl, this is the perfect set up. The French Inhales will be at Trailer Space Records today with The Gory Details and Cop Warmth. These three excellent punk bands will be doing the service of free music, so feel free to donate. Trailer Space Records (1401 Rosewood Ave.) 6pm


Also in the Clubs:

Mohawk – Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s, Dinosaur Feathers and Whispertown

Continental Club – James McMurtry and The Ephraim Owens Experience

Hole in the Wall – The Berkshire Hounds, Rufie-O and Hammock on the Beach-FREE!

Mean-Eyed Cat – Walter Tragert


At the Movies:

It’s Girly Night at the Alamo Ritz featuring Pretty Woman. This nineties classic features a Hollywood hooker  who finds love and luck when she lands a wealthy client, who hires her for a week to attend several social functions. The two blossom a relationship over the course of her stay. This classic nineties rags to riches film, we have all seen a thousand times, but yet we still can’t get enough of the funny little quirks of Julia Roberts and the classic snapping  jewelry box scene with Richard Gere. *Sighs* Alamo Ritz 7pm


-Stephanie Groves