Jul 212012


The Dark Knight Rises - The biggest movie of the year is finally here. The conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s epic, genre- and era-defining Batman trilogy finds a hermetic Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) being forced out of seclusion and into the cape and cowl again to battle the vile, monstrous, masked strongman/terrorist Bane (Tom Hardy). Also in the mix is the ambiguously-aligned, secretive Selina Kyle, who goes by night as Catwoman (Anne Hathaway). Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman all return as Commissioner Gordon, Alfred and Lucius Fox (respectively), and Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt join the cast as two new characters, Miranda Tate and John Blake. You know you’re going to see this movie; we don’t need to tell you. It’s really the main event this weekend.



Paramount Theater – Sam Beam and his haunting voice and band, Iron & Wine, play a Benefit Concert for Midwives Alliance of North America & Mercy in Action. Doors at 7 PM.

Antone’s – Actually, this is also a pretty big deal. It’s Antone’s 37th Anniversary Show, and Jimmie Vaughan (the club looms large in his legend) will jam out with The Bluebonnets and The Horton Brothers. Starts at 8 PM.


ACL Live at the Moody Theater – Calling it The Last Summer on Earth, Barenaked Ladies, Blues Traveler, Cracker and Big Head Todd & The Monsters will all perform together. Doors at 6 PM.

Austin Convention Center – The Texas Rollergirls Tournament. The match pits our Texecutioners against New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. Let the games begin at 7 PM.

Whitewater Amphitheater at the Horseshoe – Ghostland Observatory continues to kick out the electronically-enhanced jams from 2010′s Codename: Rondo. Starts at 7:30 PM.


Uncle Billy’s on Lake Travis – James McMurtry and the open water. Perfect. 5 PM start.

The Backyard – Some classic acts get together as Joe Cocker and Huey Lewis and the News hit the stage. Starts at 7 PM.

The Highball – Some cool trivia with Geeks Who Drink! Begins at 7 PM.

Jul 032012

The Austin based, alternative country, roots-rock team, The Gourds, have been gigging around Austin since their development in 1994. Since their twenty years together, they have continued to tour with a crowd of followers behind them. In 2011 they released their latest, Old Mad Joy, their tenth studio album at the legendary Levon Helms studio in Woodstock, NY. Tonight, feeling right at home at Threadgills South $15/8:30pm.


More Music:

Waterloo Records – FREE in-store performance of Whiskey Shivers 5pm

Continental Club – James McMurtry and Ephraim Owens 8pm

Mohawk – Sons of Fathers and Wood & Wire 9pm

Stubbs - Watsky with Dumbfounded 8pm


At the Movies:

Hecklevision at the Alamo Drafthouse presents: Red Dawn (1984). Set in a alternate 1980′s small Colorado town, where the Soviets take over. One thing these Commies don’t know is that the town is filled with gun-toting teenagers who are filled with testosterone and patriotism and will not go down with out a fight. The first Pg-13 feature film starring most of the 80′s teen dream team including: Patrick Swayze, Thomas C. Howell, Jennifer Grey, Charlie Sheen and Lea Thompson. Alamo Ritz 7pm

-Stephanie Groves



Jun 062012

Experimental Indie band Xiu Xiu hits Mohawk tonight, blowing every ear drum with their syth-pop, electronic roller coaster ride. Mohawk 9pm

Austin’s own progressive-psychedelic band, The Boxing Lesson, will be at Hotel Vegas tonight kicking off their cross country NXNE tour for the most part of June. Check out the full tour line up here. Tonight at Hotel Vegas with Megafauna and Melogrand. 11pm


Also at the Clubs:

Continental Club – Hot Club in Cowtown with James McMurtry and John Dee Graham 6:30pm

Frank – Little Brave June residency with The Kinfolk and Milwaukee Talkee 9:30pm

Stubbs – Tyler Hilton with Dion Roy and John Dempsy 8pm

The Dirty Dog – The Mentors, Potty Mouth, Hipsterectomy 9pm


At the Movies:

Paramount Summer Film Classics Presents: The Naked Kiss. Starring Constance Towers, Anthony Eisley and Micheal Dante. This 1964 neo-noir film features a prostitute who is chased out of her city by her former pimp. She then lands in the small town of Grantville. Engaging with the town’s sheriff, who knows of her past, continues to try and run her out of town despite her reforming to become a nurse for handicap children. Summer Film Classic Series at Paramount Theater. 9:25pm






May 292012


Tonight at Beerland, prepare yourself for the garage/punk mesh of The Blind Shake, Dikes of Holland, Gospel Truth and Spray Paint. The Blind Shake, known for their ferocious live shows and detuned noise rock, have played the countryside and have now reached Austin for a night of shear punk mayhem. Beerland 9pm

This is one of the reasons I love Austin. Free shows all the time at many a location around town and sometimes in the coolest little places. Being a huge fan of vinyl, this is the perfect set up. The French Inhales will be at Trailer Space Records today with The Gory Details and Cop Warmth. These three excellent punk bands will be doing the service of free music, so feel free to donate. Trailer Space Records (1401 Rosewood Ave.) 6pm


Also in the Clubs:

Mohawk – Margot and The Nuclear So and So’s, Dinosaur Feathers and Whispertown

Continental Club – James McMurtry and The Ephraim Owens Experience

Hole in the Wall – The Berkshire Hounds, Rufie-O and Hammock on the Beach-FREE!

Mean-Eyed Cat – Walter Tragert


At the Movies:

It’s Girly Night at the Alamo Ritz featuring Pretty Woman. This nineties classic features a Hollywood hooker  who finds love and luck when she lands a wealthy client, who hires her for a week to attend several social functions. The two blossom a relationship over the course of her stay. This classic nineties rags to riches film, we have all seen a thousand times, but yet we still can’t get enough of the funny little quirks of Julia Roberts and the classic snapping  jewelry box scene with Richard Gere. *Sighs* Alamo Ritz 7pm


-Stephanie Groves


May 092012


The Three piece band of Little Brave encompasses the soft and sultry voice of Stephanie Briggs, summoning all the influences from Pop-Rock, Jazz to Tin Pan Alley tonight with Mobley. Mohawk 9pm.


Hot Club in Cowtown brings the hot Jazz and Western Swing to the Continental tonight (6:30pm) along with Barbara K, Trube, Farrell & Snizz (8:30pm), Jon Dee Graham(10pm) and James McMurtry (midnight).


Also in the Clubs:

Black Red Black at The Highball

Easy Tiger, No Future, Black Owl Society at The Hole in the Wall

Lambchop at The Cactus Cafe

The Spazmatics at Cedar Street


At the Movies:


Weird Wednesday presents the 1982 Action/Drama film Vice Squad. Hooking you from the beginning with the opening credit song “Neon Slime” sung by former soap star and film’s star, Wing Hauser, you’ll know your headed to the slimy streets of Hollywood hell. A film with prostitutes surviving the night and murderous pimps looking for their next pleasure kill, Vice Squad is nothing short of some 80′s pure sleazed out entertainment. 107 min. R. Alamo Ritz 11:50pm.


-Stephanie Groves



May 082012



The Austin musical iconic duo plays a collaboration of Texas Country and Jazz trumpet. James McMurtry (8:30pm) and The Ephraim Owens Experience (10pm) tonight at the Continental Club. $10/Doors at 8pm. Continental Club




FREE in-store performance today at Waterloo Records by the Turnpike Troubadours! 5pm


Also in the Clubs:

Nick Lowe and His Band along with Autumn Defense 8pm at La Zona Rosa

Tennis with Vacationer 8pm at The Parish

Gregory Alan Isakov 7:30 at Cactus Cafe


At the Movies:

Put on your plush black suit and prepare yourself for a night with some homicidal tough talking criminals and strut your stuff down to Bangarang! presents: Quentin Tarantino’s classic Reservoir Dogs with the one and only Mr. Blonde (Micheal Madsen) tonight at 7pm only at The Alamo Ritz.