Jul 032012

The Austin based, alternative country, roots-rock team, The Gourds, have been gigging around Austin since their development in 1994. Since their twenty years together, they have continued to tour with a crowd of followers behind them. In 2011 they released their latest, Old Mad Joy, their tenth studio album at the legendary Levon Helms studio in Woodstock, NY. Tonight, feeling right at home at Threadgills South $15/8:30pm.


More Music:

Waterloo Records – FREE in-store performance of Whiskey Shivers 5pm

Continental Club – James McMurtry and Ephraim Owens 8pm

Mohawk – Sons of Fathers and Wood & Wire 9pm

Stubbs - Watsky with Dumbfounded 8pm


At the Movies:

Hecklevision at the Alamo Drafthouse presents: Red Dawn (1984). Set in a alternate 1980′s small Colorado town, where the Soviets take over. One thing these Commies don’t know is that the town is filled with gun-toting teenagers who are filled with testosterone and patriotism and will not go down with out a fight. The first Pg-13 feature film starring most of the 80′s teen dream team including: Patrick Swayze, Thomas C. Howell, Jennifer Grey, Charlie Sheen and Lea Thompson. Alamo Ritz 7pm

-Stephanie Groves



May 222012

The neo-psychedelic, alternative coolness, that is the Dandy Warhols, will be at Emo’s East tonight. Just releasing their newest album, The Machine, which has a 90′s grunge feel about it, yet sticks closely to their space-age bohemian soundscapes, that hipsters on all different levels for the past 18 years can’t resist. Emo’s East Doors at 8pm/Show 9pm


Also in the Clubs:

Mohawk – Alcoholic Faith Mission and You Won’t 9pm

Red 7 – Local H and Scott Lucas 9pm

Threadgills South – Rosie Flores and Jackie Bristow 8pm


At the Movies:

Terror Tuesday’s presents The Occult 70′s film, Equinox. Four teenagers stumble across the invisible line of good and evil and end up fighting for their lives against giant neon blue trolls, Evil forest rangers, Devil Cults, evil rings, and supernatural satanic claymation monsters. This perpetual terror was an inspiration for The Evil Dead series and is a definite Hell-driven cinematic fantasy. Alamo Ritz 90 min. 10pm. R.

-Stephanie Groves