Jun 262012

Dave Madden

Come out and join the Save Our Springs Alliance for Poolside Live! The first concert of the season on the shores of Barton Springs! Come bask in the moonlight and swim under the stars with the sweet, funkiness of Dave Madden. 8:30-9:45pm FREE swim starts after 9. Save Our Springs Alliance

In the clubs:

Lucky Lounge (Disco Dive) – Ryan Magnani and Mark Gibson 7pm

Antones – The Bruce and Kelly show with Bruce Robinson and Kelly Willis 7pm

The Parish – Lower Dens with No Joy and Alan Resnick 8pm

Continental Club – Will Sexton and Ephraim Owens Experience 8pm

At the Movies:

Summer Film Classics at The Paramount presents: Cabaret (1972). Starring Liza Minnelli as a girlie club showgirl in  Weimer-Republic Berlin, who romances two men during the Nazi Era. Awesome Choreography with lavish showgirl costumes, a perfect era timepiece. May not be for the musical faint-of-heart, but this was Liza’s heyday and she nailed it. Life is a Cabaret, ol’chum! Paramount Theater 6:30pm.

-Stephanie Groves


Jun 192012

After a seventeen year career as one of the most well-known and provocative female rappers, Lil Kim has stood her ground in a world dominated my her male counterparts. With her sexually explicit lyrics, hardcore rapping skills and outlandish sexy clothes, Lil Kim has laid the foundation for others to follow and will always reign as the Queen of Rap. Returning to Austin after a cancellation from her May 11 tour date. With Phranchyze and Kid Slice. Emo’s East 9pm

Kelly Willis and Bruce Robinson’s career span over twenty years and have both established themselves as well-known Austin musicians. The couple has been married for 15 years and both have claimed many accomplishments individually. With Kelly Willis as a critically acclaimed Roots singer and Bruce Robinson as a talented singer songwriter, it seems only right to have this power musical duo come together for some music love making. Antones 7pm

Also in the Clubs:

Continental Club – Will Sexton and Ephraim Owens Experience 8pm

Mohawk - North Pilot 9pm


At the Movies:


The Paramount Summer Film Classics presents: The Rope (1948). Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller of a sinister pair of men who strangle and kill their “inferior” classmate and hide his body in their apartment. To prove their arrogance in getting away with the perfect murder, they invite friends and family members over to a dinner party. Paramount Theater 8:55pm

-Stephanie Groves


Jun 122012


Since their development in mid-2000′s, The Cribs are taking on North America again. Their fifth album, In The Belly of the Brazen Bull is building steam and is ready to blow. They are back with a string of North American tour dates and slide into Austin tonight with The Golden Boys and Devin at The Parish. 8pm


Also in the Clubs:

End of Ear – The Young and John Wesley Coleman

Mohawk - Shivery Shakes and Bobby Jealousy 9pm

Spiderhouse – Josh Lightnin’ and Ben Pickett 10pm

Continental Club – Will Sexton and The Ephraim Owens Experience 8pm


At the Movies:

The Paramount Theater’s Summer Classic Film Series presents: The Coen Brothers 1987 classic, Raising Arizona.  Starring Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, Trey Wilson and John Goodman. Upon it’s release, it did not make it to blockbuster status, but since then has become a cult classic. Childless couple  H.I McDonnough (Nicolas Cage) and Edwina ‘Ed’ McDonnough’s (Holly Hunt) troubled path to “set things right” and the idiosyncratic dialogue throughout is a definite classic of shear comedic genius. Paramount Theater 9:15pm


Apr 122012

If you swing by the Flamingo Cantina tonight at around 7 PM, you’ll see one of those classic Austin lineups that help define the phrase “live music capital of the world.” All three of the acts for “Love. at the Cantina” are Austin locals, and all three have their own special way of doing things.

Ginger Leigh, who will start the night out, is known for her sultry and introspective singer-songwriter approach. Her songs range from ebullient shout-outs to introspective confessionals. Leigh is a regular visitor to the pages of AME, so long-time readers should be familiar with her particular charms.

Earthy rock survivor Will Sexton is a member of one of Austin’s most iconic musical families. His gritty worldview and raw-boned approach to his guitar playing and songwriting share some similar thematic ground with Ginger, but Will has been doing it longer and has a more road-weary countenance. Move the Balance, Will’s first album in nearly a decade, came out last year.

The headliner, W.C. Clark, is “the Godfather of Austin Blues.” Both soulful and flashy, Clark can probably jam into the early hours if you want him to. He’s been doing so for nearly 40 years. Of course, Austin’s noise ordinances will keep that from happening, but W.C. should wrap up the evening in style. A 2011 album, Were You There?, compiled some of the top tracks from Clark’s historic, non-stop touring life.

So the Flamingo will start out calm and classy with Ginger Leigh, proceed into some darker territory with Will Sexton, and end the night on some fiery guitar heroics with W.C. Clark. Sounds like a blast. Doors are at 7 PM. Get your tickets here. You’ll love it.

Feb 042012


Big Miracle - Drew Barrymore, Ted Danson and John Krasinski try to save whales trapped in ice.

Chronicle - Irresponsible teenage boys gain supernatural abilities. It’s not actually a good thing after a while.

The Innkeepers - This vet of SXSW 2011 is a spooky thriller about investigators staying in a haunted inn.

The Woman In Black – Daniel Radcliffe stars as a lawyer at odds with a vengeful ghost.

We Need to Talk About Kevin - Tilda Swinton was one of this season’s major Oscar snubs for this film. She portrays a mother struggling through the horrific aftermath of her child shooting his classmates.



The Parish – The much talked-about Zola Jesus, plus Talk Normal and Technicolor Hearts. Doors at 8 PM.

La Zona Rosa – Laugh and rock with They Might Be Giants! Doors at 9 PM.

The Elephant Room – Gato Six with Suzi Stern. As always, starts at 9:30 PM.

Poodie’s Hilltop Roadhouse – Austin royalty: Will Sexton. Have you heard Move The Balance yet? He goes on at 10:30 PM. Also playing: Ashley Monical (4 PM) and Erik Larson & Peacemaker (7 PM).


NeWorlDeli – Jan Seides at 7 PM. Busy girl!

The Spellman House (400 S. Center Street. Forney, TX 75126 ) – An intimate concert with Alice Peacock and Danny Myrick. Starts at 7 PM. Purchase tickets now.

Palmer Events Center – Carnaval Brasileiro, one of Austin’s longest-lived and most beloved annual events, is in its 35th year. The city’s biggest and best party. Starts, er, “explodes” at 9 PM.

The Flamingo Cantina – The Annual Bob Marley Birthday Tribute Party. Featuring The Mau Mau Chaplains and Don Chani. Doors at 9 PM.


Z-Tejas – Ironically, Saturday Nites at 6 PM.

Of course, its Super Bowl Sunday, and basically every bar is doing something. Watch America’s game!