Color & Light, The Soldier Thread

The four-piece band, who just released their first EP , started the night off with lead singer, Justin’s screaming intro. And although my guard goes up once I start to hear screaming from a lead singer (I just know a mosh pit could be forming around me), the band’s melodies kept the sounds interesting. Wow’s vocals, which could be heard like Eddie, accompanied the bright guitar chords and undeniable shredding of lead guitarist. Songs like “Never Far Enough” and “Heaven on Earth” painted the walls dark with every bend of Asher’s strings. But the band balanced your head with the U2-sounding “Copernicus” and arena-like “Go,” making you believe that everything will be ok.
The next band, The Soldier Thread, brought a more lighthearted and ambient sound to the stage. Bringing in violinist/vocalist Lynn, definitely added to their sound, making me believe that Explosions in the Sky could benefit from a female member. Pianist/guitarist, layered vocals with his harmonies and keys which articulated the sincerity of their songs even more. Although the vocals seemed to play victim to the reality of a live stage, the energy-driven ballads were certainly worth the drive.
Look for their full-length debut, coming out this fall.
Unfortunately, being an out-of-towner and at the mercy of another driver resulted with me leaving after The Soldier Thread and I wasn’t able to check out Sounds Under Radio. (I’m always paying a price to the “Real Job Gods” on Fridays.) But definitely check those guys out if you can, they just signed to Epic Records and have a song on the Spider-Man 3 Soundtrack. dewa poker