Gulf of Mexico, Legs Against Arms, Oh No! Oh My!

Friday nights are always difficult in Austin, Texas. Deciding what to do in a city where there is so much to do is definitely a blessing in disguise. Especially if you have amazingly talented friends in bands (which I’m sure we all have at this point). Thanks to my lovely friend Bruce (member of Legs Against Arms), my decision was made to head to Imoq. for a night of indie-rock overload.

Austinites, Legs Against Arms took to the stage next, beginning their set with a fresh song from their newly established group. Their experimentation with an instrumental song was a good opener for them, allowing the audience to stay for more. Between switching vocalists, tempos, and even instruments (at one point, three of the four switched during a song), all four member’s energy never left the stage.

And part of an effective live show is seeing bands excited to play. Their overall sound was an even better reason to stay. All of the members knew their instruments (as well as others) like home, feeding off of each other with proper improvisations. Their catchy songs and big sounds increased their energy even more, gaining rightfully responses from the crowd and solidifying myself as a new fan. The seven-month-old band will be working on their EP which will be due out later this fall. Check out their myspace for future shows. Cara daftar sbobet.
Corte, another local act, tuned their five-piece band to a perfect pitch of militant beats with light hooks. Lead vocalist Benn vocals justified their Arcade Fire comparisons, with cuts of vulnerability similar to Will glur. Check out their myspace for future shows and a listen to their demos (look for a release in the near future).

Headliners and another local favorite, Oh No! Oh My!, ended the night with their sweet songs of walks in the park and back seats. Fresh off a European tour, the four-piece filled the room with claps and sing-alongs from the audience which definitely continued their growing popularity. The “bubbly-folk-meets-indie-pop sound” provided a perfect close to the hot scene (I seriously think Emo’s should look into that air-less situation), cooling my insatiable reasons to leave and catch up with a busy Friday night. I’m glad I stayed. Check out the band’s myspace for future shows and look for an LP coming out later this year.